Kanye West has had quite the year so far. The much heralded release of his sixth studio album. The birth of his first child. And many interviews leading to an exorbitant amount of analyses of them. On top of all of that, he's still one of the most influential style icons this world has ever seen. But is that fulfilling for Yeezy? Does all the attention this year make him happy? Not according to some photos.

West's fight against paparazzi has been well-documented, especially as of late, but we're starting to think it isn't because of the numerous cases of invasion of privacy. Could Kanye be against the somber light their photos exhibit? More instances than not, Kanye is looking mighty stylish, but mighty sad. What is he sad about, you ask? We think we know; Sad Boiz: Photos of Kanye Looking Stylishly Sad.

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