ABSOLUT has always believed in the transformative power of art, and has supported emerging artists who inspire, take risks, and continually break boundaries. Continuing in that tradition, ABSOLUT is proud to present Transform Today, a collaboration with four of today’s most exciting up-and-coming artists, each of whom creates work that inspires its viewers to bring about change and recreate the future. Because tomorrow is not a given, it's ours to create.

This uniquely creative quartet includes director/musician Woodkid, digital media artist Aaron Koblin, graphic novelist Rafael Grampá, and sculptural couturier Yiqing Yin. Each artist will be featured in his or her own first-person video segment, discussing their work and how they are striving to transform today.

For more on ABSOLUT’s Transform Today collaborations, and to get a preview to each artist, be sure to check out the intro video at www.absolut.com/us.