I came to the realization recently that people—*cough* MOY *cough*—who complain about pre-distressed things are just peasants, excuse me, assholes, excuse me, peasantly assholes, excuse me, assholish peasants. Does fading and sewing on patches and essentially doing #menswear arts and crafts yourself give you some sort of moral high ground? That shit just sounds like work, homie. This is the 21st Century, where I have people do various tasks I am too lazy to complete myself for me. I don't really care about "genuine fades," just like I don't churn my own butter. I don't even give a fuck about whether or not the delicious cheeseburger I'm eating is something I bought or something I made. If it's delicious, it's delicious. Saying there's a sense of pride attached to fading your own garments is fine, but pride is just an old person word for feels, and feels are nothing more than just that, feels. I feel like this faded black denim jacket from RRL is awesome.