Patagonia is known for making clothing that looks great but also performs to the highest standards in outdoors activities. The California brand is also about to be known for something a with much larger impact. Patagonia is going to be the first large-scale, international clothing brand that is Fair Trade-certified.

Starting in 2014, Patagonia will sell nine models that have been approved  as Fair Trade. This means that every aspect of the product's manufacturing process—from growth of the materials to completion of the final product—will be done by people who have been adequately compensated for their services.

In a recent article by Triple Pundit, Cara Chacon, Director of Social and Environmental Responsibility for Patagonia, said, “We are also empowering the people purchasing our products. This effort is part of a larger strategy to raise awareness with our customers on how they can make a difference in the world with their purchasing decisions.”

Patagonia aims to show respect and transparency not only towards those who are making the goods, but the consumers who make the purchase. And the brand realizes that the consumer wants a product they're not going to feel like shit for purchasing and wearing.

Too many times, buying clothing comes with the mentality, "Out of sight, out of mind." But you'll now be able to wear your down jacket without a heavy conscience, knowing that everyone involved in the complex, global process of creating the garment is being compensated fairly.

[via Triple Pundit]

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