Titanic racking up money at the box office, Daft Punk released their first album Homework, and scientists cloning the first mammal were among the big things popping in 1997. For ONLY NY founders it was the year that started everything. While the brand was established in 2006, 1997 was the year many of its themes from fishing to graffiti took off. Many are quick to hop on trends, but ONLY NY always sticks with what it knows best, and that’s why it’s one of best streetwear brands around today.

The Hundreds recently picked up some of the brand’s collections to be carried in its own stores. And for the latest episode of the "Cool Store, Bro!" series, The Hundreds familiarizes new L.A. fans to the New York-based brand now stocking its shelves. Get a brief synopsis on what the brand is all about if you’ve been living under a rock the past few years.

[via The Hundreds]