CRSL is a new brand that embodies SoCal vibes and the lifestyle lived by the dudes leading crazy days and nights that can resemble a three ring circus. The brain behind the brand belongs to Tal Cooperman, a serious industry insider who has been a key catalyst in bringing some of the biggest streetwear labels to the heights that they're currently enjoying. Now Tal is stepping out on his own with CRSL, a brand that's already gotten the co-sign from Bobby Hundreds, Pat Tenore, and other west coast streetwear heavyweights. We won't be surprised if CRSL isn't soon sitting alongside these marquee names in the very near future. Below, Tal gives us insight into what it's like to launch his brand, and how he plans to take it to dizzying heights. Keep an eye on the CRSL website, where product will be dropping very sono.

What brands have you worked with before, and what did you do for them?
I've worked for many brands in the past, but the ones I will name are the ones I had the most fun at. I worked for Reebok, Vestal watches, The Seventh Letter,  Agenda trade show, The Hundreds and Neff. "What I do" is really mixed. Primarily, I bring a lot of my relationships to the table and put together super cool collaborative projects. Some people call me the dot connector because I always align people that wouldn't typically work together so we can make magic happen. Whether it's between a brand and a musician, DJ, or artist, I try to create the most unique alignment to drive attention to both parties. In a way, it's marketing, but I feel like I have that dream job and it's very hard to pinpoint what I do!  
What lessons did you take from these previous phases of your life and instill into CRSL?
The one lesson I've learned from everyone I have worked for as well as from people that I look up to is that building a brand isn't as easy as you think it is. These days it seems like everyone thinks they can build a brand and become the next RVCA or the next Hundreds or even the next Diamond! Those guys have been working for years and years and they're still at it tirelessly. But bottom line, they love what they do and they wake up everyday and don't treat it like a job. And I guess thats what I'm trying to do. 
Why did you decide to step out on your own and launch your own brand?
For many years some people that I've worked for and made a lot of money for don't give me the credit that I deserve and kind of walk all over me. Then friends that I have known my whole life ask me the same questions about what it is I do. I felt it was time for a change. It was time for me to bring CRSL to life and to not only show people what it is I do but to create my own company, my own baby, my own child!
How would you describe CRSL's look, and what type of guy would wear your clothes?
CRSL doesn't just have one look, or at least I dont really want it to. I have many circles of friends that all love different brands. I grew up around the graffiti community and the skate community, but I'm also friends with surfers and snowboarders. My two dearest friends are Bobby Hundreds and Pat Tenore from  RVCA. These are two very different brands but I wear them both religiously. My designs that I have for CRSL are all over the board but still make sense as a collection. I could see everyone wearing CRSL from your regular dude to the coolest kid on the block.
Who would you say has had the biggest influence on your work and your style? 
It's hard for me to name one person because I've had so many people be there for me while I've built this dream of mine. But the four people I talk to everyday and have been there by my side while building CRSL are Bobby Hundreds, Pat Tenore from RVCA, Shaun Neff, and Aaron Levant from the Agenda tradeshow. These are the people who will always tell me the truth and try to guide me to do the right thing. Sometimes I feel like they're crazy when they talk to me because I feel like I know the right answers. But I have to remember these are the guys I want to be. And they all want me up there with them and for that I am thankful. Now I just hope to get there....
What's the future look like for CRSL?
I think the future is super bright for CRSL!  I'm just trying to take over this little industry one circus at a time! I just want to keep working on the brand and make an impression on as many people as we can. I want people from all walks of life to notice us and get involved with us.