With a project title like Secret Operation 610, you’d expect nothing less than something that looks both like a well-tooled sculpture and a harbinger of doom. Rietveld Lanscape and Studio Frank Havermans together created something skittering down both those parameters. It’s a monstrous device, crawling forward across a runway on caterpillar tracks. At the same time, the inner room provides a dynamic environment for participants and researchers to take inspiration from the landscape as the sculpture looms like a baddie in The Matrix.

The studio says that students of the Technical University Delft (Aerospace/CleanEra) will innovate a new method of flying for the 21st century. This will involve “no noise, no carbon, just fly,” they said.

Check out some shots of this behemoth above and get more information on the Studio Frank Havermans website. 

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[via PSFK]

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