Rennaisance man Leonardo Da Vinci'La Gioconda, more commonly know as Mona Lisa, has been captivating viewers since the 1500s with her mysterious smile. Now housed in the Louvre, the oil painting is visited by over six million people every year. That is one popular lady, especially considering that at first glance she's not particularly attractive. Yet she has gained a sort of mythic reputation, and her image has so infiltrated pop culture that many have created their own interpretation of art history's most famous lady. There is a pizza Mona Lisa, a balloon Mona Lisa, and a finger Mona Lisa. Even famous artists in their own right have followed in Da Vinci's footsteps like Marcel Duchamp and Kazimir Malevich. Check out our list of 25 Ways the Mona Lisa Has Been Remade to see the infamous woman in her many forms.

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