M.I.A. and Versace didn’t just make some clothes for the ladies in the latest Versus collaboration. Guys wear loud prints, too, and the duo knows it. They also know that Versace gets bootlegged a lot, so the designers have turned the tables and bootlegged the bootleggers for this batch of goods, if that makes sense.

There is nothing minimal about the stuff for dudes in here. It’s flashy from top to bottom, and is the perfect uniform for a high-stakes Vegas gambler or rave attendee channeling late-'90s rave culture. Items include golden medallion printed tops and bottoms, a backpack, and a patent leather quilted shoe. More power to you if you can pull off the matchy-matchy look, but for starters, try mixing in some solids in there to break it up a bit. Shop the collection on the Versace website now to get these authentic copies of copies.

[via Fucking Young]