So, you have some feature ideas, a unique perspective on fashunz, and all the other ingredients a dope blog requires. But unless you have a name that's simultaneously relevant, timeless, catchy, hilarious, and descriptive of your philosophy, you ain't shit.

Enter the Men’s Style Blog Name Generator. Unlike the pornstar name generator, you don’t have to give your middle name and the street you live in. “Third-generation artisanal fashion bloggers” got to coding and crafted this generator to make it as easy for you as possible to come up with a dope blog title. Simply click on a button and presto! You got yourself a slick new name.

We gave it a run and got names like A$AP Chainstitch, Kanye’s Wolf Gang, and Patchwork Shit. It really makes you want to leave your job, start a blog, and cake on ad space money.

Seriously though, standing out in the men’s style blog arena these days is a challenge. You have a better chance of climbing the Himalaya’s and finishing than being noticed in the very crowded space that is the World Wide Web. But if you’re willing to take the challenge, the Men’s Style Blog Name Generator will help you on your way to getting some fucking hits on this here Internet.

[via Breathnaigh]

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