Forbes just dropped their list of the top 10 highest earning male models of 2013, so if you didn't already feel like a broke boi, now you get to feel like an ugly, broke boi. Actually, these guys didn't earn that much. Or, rather, as much as you might expect. Listen, I'm not saying $1.4 million isn't a ludicrous amount of money, I'm just saying there are lots of people who also do equally ridiculously easy jobs and make way more money. You do realize Floyd Mayweather just got paid $40 million to punch another human being in the head for an hour, right? This best part about this list is how it highlights the amazing cruel twist of double standard fate male models face. Lara Stone, the 10th highest earning female model of 2013, made $3.2 million this year—considerably more that any dick on this list. It feels good to finally congratulate women for something. Anyway, let's meet these handsome devils.