The Hudson River Project is the name given to an undertaking by Antony Crook and James Bowthorpe, a project the pair started last year. The concept was simple enough: “Build a boat from New York City’s waste, take it to the source of the Hudson River – the river without which the city would not exist – and row the boat back to NYC.” But the execution and documentation of the project is what really marks this as a special event. A feature-length documentary is being made to go along with the journey, with original music by none other than Mogwai.

As the duo states on their website:

Our primary aim in producing Hudson River Project is to make a connection between a modern mega-city like New York and the wilderness far far away, without which the city would not exist. The river is the connecting rod between the two; the boat and James take us on the journey.

Bowthorpe recently caught up with ANIMALNewYork. The site follows him through the streets of Manhattan as he collects trash with which he will build his vessel and talks about the project. Check out the clip above.

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[via ANIMALNewYork]