Here’s a lesson for you dudes out there on what not to do when you finally get a girlfriend.

According to CNN, a man has been arrested for putting a modern-day chastity belt on his girlfriend. This crazy person's method of preventing her from cheating on him was to padlock her jeans together. By being the only person was the key, his thinking was that neither she nor anyone else would be able to take her pants off.

The woman eventually called the authorities, not to press charges on her boyfriend, but because she really had to go to the bathroom and couldn’t hold it any longer. This obviously led to his arrest.

This abuse has apparently been going on for 12 years. And while getting out of padlocked jeans might seem like an easy thing to do with some scissors, the woman was too scared to deal with her psycho boyfriend to ever try and escape. When he was finally arrested, the woman didn't press charges. The man eventually had to swear in a signed statement to never do it again, a move that enraged members of the local community, who think this gave a green light to the abuse women face in the region.

[via CNN]