Meet Clayton Pettet. Pettet questions the definition of virginity and the "moment of loss" for males, so to find the answer he plans to lose his own as an "immersive art piece" in front of a live audience. We've heard of this concept, but it usually involves handheld cameras, someone's living room, and a money shot. The questions that Pettet poses are interesting, but his method is a little troubling. In an interview with VICE, Pettet explained that since he was 16 the idea of virginity has been "overwhelming" to him. He began to think of losing one's virginity as "a performance that has been used to value women, a heteronormative term that is constantly used to work out someone’s worth." He argues that while the first time is important and should be remembered, "it shouldn’t be remembered as the loss of virginity." 

Pettet wouldn't reveal who his partner in the performance will be, but the individual is also male and attends his art school. Both parties will be covered in paint and will "perform" on a canvas in the middle of the room to create a permanent art piece. Click here to register for tickets to watch, if you're into that sort of thing (and by thing we mean art performances, obviously).

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[via VICE]