Do you guys remember that M.I.A. video where chains were banging against dashboards and Benzos were being driven on two wheels and bad girls were running the world and that shit was dope as fuck and decidedly uncorny? Well, cut to yesterday when I get an email about M.I.A. working with Versace to make some diffusion brand shit. This could be cool, I guess. but I'm not about that diffusion life. FULL PRICE LUXURY OR GET ALL THE WAY THE FUCK OUTTA HERE. I ain’t tryna go to Target unless I need a five pack of Hanes, you know? My personal snobbery aside, I just think this collection might be kinda, well, corny. I mean, M.I.A.’s plan is to make Versace clothes based on illegal bootlegs of Versace clothes. Sah-weet. It’d be cooler if you actually had full price Versace gear that looks exactly like the crazy fake Versace shit you can get on Canal Street. DON’T YOU GET IT? A VERSACE DIFFUSION COLLECTION IS BASICALLY FAKE VERSACE ALREADY! MAKING FAKE VERSACE CLOTHING BASED ON OTHER FAKES IS KIND OF REDUNDANT, ISN’T IT? Shit, maybe M.I.A. does get it and this is some hipster bullshit inception. "Versace’s designs have always been copied, now it’s Versace that copies the copies, so those that copy must copy the copies. So this will continue…” WOW. THANKS? THAT IS SOME GRADE A OUROBOROS FUCKERY EVEN FOR YOU, MAYA. CARL JUNG’S BRAIN IS BANGIN ON THE DASH.

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