Three days ago, the world learned that legendary Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed had died, at age 71, from surgical complications. His wife, Laurie Anderson, confirmed that he'd been dying before receiving the liver transplant.

We've mused on Reed's influence in rap, as we're reminded that "Walking on the Wild Side" was famously sampled by A Tribe Called Quest on "Can I Kick It." 

A couple of weeks before Reed's death, he was the subject of a print ad for the headphones company, Parrot. The final image from that shoot has been posted on his website, and his manager Tom Sarig posted the following quote:

"Just a couple of weeks ago Lou did a photo session intended to become a print ad for his friend Henri Seydoux's French audio headphones company Parrot. The renowned photographer Jean Baptiste Mondino took the shots, and this was the very last shot he took. Always a tower of strength."

R.I.P. Lou Reed.

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