Business cards have long been a symbol of one’s creativity and worth, a koan to how one values oneself in the marketplace. Sure, objectively it’s just a piece of heavy-stock paper, or perhaps something more streamlined, but always communicating something deeper with design than just the scant information on the card. 

To that end, Adele Enersen, the CEO and creative director behind a company called The Littlest Ad Agency, created a business card that is perfectly representative of her brand. How? By physically creating the world’s smallest ad agency for her business card. The 3D pop-up card is not only hand-drawn, it’s also an engaging and fun piece. 

What does this represent? Innovation, thinking outside the box, above-and-beyond effort, and a drive to stand out. This is a unique piece of work that stands on its own.

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[via PSFK]

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