Sixteen artists tackle the theme "BRUTAL" in an exhibition presented by The Vinyl Factory and Lazarides to coincide with the events of the Frieze Art Fair. DALeast, Estevan Oriol, Todd James, Pose, Antony Micallef, Ben Woodeson, Bill McRight, Brad Downey, Cleon Peterson, Conor Harrington, Doug Foster, James Lavelle, Katrin Fridriks, Karim Zeriahen, Know Hope, Lucy McLauchlan, Mark Jenkins, and Sebastian Horsley contribute sculptures, installations, films, murals, animations, and sound and dance pieces to the unique space below 180 The Strand.

With such a broad theme, each artist brings their own interpretation and style to the table, or in this case, cave. Estevan Oriol shares photos of LA gang culture, DALeast paints a mural of a predator subduing its prey, Pose covers a wooden installation in his unique style, and Bill McRight creates weapons from found objects like a 2013 McGyver. The exhibition as a whole is definitely not geared toward those who like to play it safe and want their art to reflect their neat, boring lives. Gallery founder Steve Lazarides said it best: "A BRUTAL show in a beautiful building for brutal times."

"BRUTAL" opened on October 15 and will show at 180 The Strand in London through October 27. For more information visit the exhibition page.