Ken Johnson's name usually comes up if you're discussing art reviews in the New York Times. Now, he's stepping out of his day job and having his first solo exhibition as an artist. Artist Leah Dixon will curate the show featuring his medium of choice, comics, which he has been publishing on a Tumblr called ballandcone

His black and white comics, which he first created in 1976, are named after the two main characters, a ball and a cone. He discusses his inspirations in an email interview with Claire Donner, saying that he's "always loved the comic style and the intersection of Pop, Surrealism, and Psychedelia. Some favorite artists include John Wesley and Jim Nutt. From the comic world: R. Crumb, Daniel Clowes, Charles Burns and Lynda Barry. Too many others to mention here. And, of course, Krazy Kat."

The exhibition opens at Beverly’s, an art-themed bar on the Lower East Side, on Sunday at 8 p.m. 

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[via Ball and Cone / GalleristNY]  

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