Pacsun is now selling a selection of Kanye West's "Yeezus Tour" merchandise.

Only six total pieces of macabre merchandise are on sale online, as well as in select Pacsun stores. Many fans expressed disdain after the news broke last night, asking why tour merch would be sold in a nation-wide retail store. To these fans, this removed the rareness and attachment that the T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, and hats had to Kanye's theatrical show where they intended to or already had copped.

Lucky for them, only three men's items (one tee and two sleeveless tees) are for sale, along with three items for women. All three pieces are in hues of faded black and charcoal, and feature morbid and skeletal work by New York artist Wes Lang. There are no Confederate flags here.

Another reason why show-goers might celebrate is that the gear at Pacsun is $40 a piece, while people have reported that T-shirts are going for $35 on tour (and $40 for XL sizes). Hey, who doesn't love saving five bucks now and then?