Kanye West's "Yeezus Tour" Merch Is Going to be Sold at Pacsun

Don't worry if you didn't cop tickets to a "Yeezus" show.

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The merch for Kanye West's "Yeezus Tour" will be sold at select Pacsun stores and online, starting tomorrow. According to a Tweet from Pacsun, the highly-coveted merch that is reminiscent of '80s metal bands will be widely available, and you will no longer need a ticket to warrant copping the skeleton and Confederate flag-heavy merch.

I just talked to Jesus he said, "What up Yeezus?" See you tomorrow. @kanyewest pic.twitter.com/PPFKO6CKDA

The tour isn't even a week old, but so many aspects of the spectacle, from the Jesus impersonator to the masks to the DONDA-designed set to the Margiela wardrobe has sparked conversation. Surely, Pacsun again aligning itself with highly sought-after gear in the form of this tour's merchandise will be another talking point.

Earlier this year, Pacsun stocked clothes from Been Trill, the label from the minds of Kanye associates VirgilAbloh, MatthewWilliams, and HeronPreston. According to our interview with Nicky Diamonds of Diamond Supply Co., Kanye knows the CEO of Pacsun, and it looks like they're both about to make some serious coin.

Pacsun's Tweet and site currently don't reveal exactly what they'll be carrying, but if you'd weren't able to get a ticket to the Yeezus tour in your city and still want to take a bit of it home, prices on tour at the merch tables are below:

T-shirts: $35, $40 for XXL
Sweatshirts: $80
Tote bags: $20
Trucker hats: $35


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