After a petition asking brands to stop hiring "alleged sex offender" Terry Richardson surfaced on earlier this month, another petition on the same site has appeared. This one demands that Kanye West curate the 2015 Venice Biennale.

Submitted by a user named BiennalYe, the petition begins, "With contemporary art lingering confused in a mannerist phase, we believe West is the best person to show us the way forward and to explain, agitate, and situate artistic production in its current cultural and global setting. As such, we believe West should be invited to curate and direct the art world's biggest bi-annual international exhibition."

The petition goes on to desrcibe Kanye's involvement in the arts, which is undoubtedly enthusiastic and widespread. Time and time again Yeezy has shown his affinity for architecture, design, and visual arts, weaving the different disciplines into his music career. "West better understands the conflicts and confluences of culture and entertainment, art's close ties with fashion and commerce, and the mechanisms for making artistic production public than most others in the business, and is perfectly situated to bring these significant contemporary complexities to the heart of the art world's discourse," the petition continues, "Plus, we feel damn sure he would put on a decent exhibition, and give a stagnant art world a significant kick with his Yeezys." We might just be sold. 

Out of 4,930, there are 70 backers of the petition. Would you sign on for the #BiennalYe?

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