The Bronx-raised and Manhattan-based artist named Jeffrey Dalessandro goes under the pseudonym The Land Increases, which is an apt title for how much work the artist produces in various mediums: video, self-reflexive internet art, performance, zines, music, and . Thriving on the under-examined textures of modern environments—the patterns inside envelopes (above) or the music-making apps on cell phones—the 28-year-old seems possessed with an inexhaustible creative spirit.

Dalessandro creates so much cryptic and broiling work, it’s better to observe it in quantities or chunks. Check out this series of videos: 

“I don’t really see a separation between the audio and visual components of my work,” he tells Complex, “though I think the visual often helps people digest it more. I wouldn’t even necessarily call what I’m doing reaching.”

He goes on:

“The work is all self-evident. The rest is just a surprise and it doesn’t seem that far out to me.  Maybe I’m too deep inside the joke. If you have a positive reaction to it, that’s fine. But I feel like I have more to say when I have an antagonist and someone tells me I’m doing something wrong.

Dalessandro also gets off on being reffered to as a luddite, though to hear him explain it, it seems the opposite—the kid is seeped in technology.

 “I feel like what I do is possible because technology has reached a point that’s accessible to everyone. Because people put it on my cell phone and put it in my pocket.”

Observe more of his work on his website

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