Dad swag has infiltrated the realm of #menswear, and Denmark's Han Kjobenhavn shows how Scandinavian brands can look cool even on old guys for fall/winter 2013.

We already saw pieces from the brand's collection in Need Supply's editorial for this season, but here's  a take from the brand itself. The designer presents how an old, wrinkled guy that looks like he's seen lived through crazy shit can look next-level in the hottest jawnz.

The brand flashes its collection of varsity jackets (that are rocked cholo style), printed button-up shirts, camo-print motorcycle jackets, and even a satin coaches jacket that reads, "Le Monstre."

You're probably not taking a trip to Denmark this season—if you are, high-five—but you can get a taste of the region's quality through Han Kjobenhavn use of fabrics like buffalo leather and merino wool that not only look rugged but are built to last, too.

[via Hypebeast]

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