Don't be embarrassed if you've ever screwed up trying to layer your clothes. We're not just talking about putting a sweater over a button-up shirt, but picking out the right kind of jacket that you can layer with a second jacket and a baseball jersey. It's ballsy, but once you learn the basic principles, you're set for life. As a wise man once (kinda) said, there's layers to this shit.

If only life were as simple as picking out your winter coat for the year and wearing whatever you wanted underneath. But with so many outerwear choices out there, you'd be missing out on so much stunting potential if you never switch up your layering. You should think of your personal style as something that can be improved by wearing the right pieces put together, and you'll also be a lot warmer. In case you're unsure of what you're going to do this season, this is A Guide to Layering 10 Types of Outerwear.

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