Hometown: Ghent, Belgium
Years active: Unknown - Present

Roa only came onto the international street art scene in 2008 or 2009, but his talent was already clear. His arrival on the global stage seems to have marked the start of the trend towards street art festivals, large-scale murals, and the version of the globetrotting street artist. His artwork depicts the life and decomposition process of various animals, often on a massive scale, using predominantly black, white, and red. Despite the difficulties of considering placement for such large-scale pieces, Roa often incorporates the existing architecture of the places he paints into his work. He also often chooses animals native to the location where he is painting. Also, Roa uses found objects as canvases for his indoor shows, which typically have an interactive quality. Roa directly inspired many artists to become globe-trotting creators, travelling from mural festival to mural festival. Roa's insatiable drive to paint and travel and his willingness to knock on a few doors has played a significant role in the transition from illegal street art to contemporary murals that so many artists are taking advantage of today.