There's a reason that New York's parks aren't open 24 hours, and that's because they are unsafe after dark. In Oslo, Norway, however, city officials don't seem too worried about hanging out in public spaces after 1 a.m. (when Central Park officially closes). The city just opened a 24-hour sculpture park, Ekeberg Park.

The sculpture park, which is the setting for Edvard Munch's The Scream, will house works by some big names in Art. One of James Turrell's skyspaces is installed in the park, along with Louise Bourgeois' shiny hanging sculpture, The Couple. Also, Marina Abramovic has set up a video installation of people screaming on the spot that inspired Munch's work.

Christian Ringnes, a Norwegian art collector and philanthropist, is the man who made the park possible, spending close to £31 million of his personal finances to landscape and install art in the park. According to Ringnes, a few sculptures will be added each year until there are 80 in the outdoor museum. He has also set aside money in case of vandalism or decay. 

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[via The Guardian]

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