A man's denim should be a sacred garment that accompanies the life of each unique individual, protecting us from the elements, from adverse conditions, and taking on characteristics that mirror our day-to-day existence. So when it comes time to wash your denim, never entrust anything but the caring touch that only you can apply to your favorite pair of jeans. If you ever breach this trust, prepare to be as angry and confused as @BoneyStarks:

Twitter soon got ahold of this dude's mistake and proceeded to go in.

Dad jeans may be a trend that's had some life, but no one wants to look like Barack Obama on an off-day. The "ocean treatment" and idea of freezing your jeans may forever live on in urban legend form, but one thing is a definite truth—never, ever dry clean your denim. When it comes time for your annual denim-washing, just set aside an hour and do that shit yourself. 

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