Dehen has been making cardigans since the 1920s. Factoids like that are deceivingly relevant. I mean, Dehen could have been making decidedly shitty cardigans for 93 years, but thankfully things out in Portland have been on point. Actually, I can’t speak for the first 90 years of their existence because I had never heard of them. However, for the past three to four years I have pretended to know about that storied past and I’ve tried on a few of the aforementioned cardigans, all of which have impressed. This particular number features corozo buttons and is done up in a nice gray worsted wool. You need more gray in your wardrobe. And yes, I know that despite never having actually seen a single article of your clothing. I AM THAT MUCH OF A STYLE EXPERT. I WENT TO FASHION WEEK ONCE.