The blokes at Crooked Tongues don't give a fuck about #menswear's aesthetic decorum. They've proved this by dropping a Patrick Cox Wannabe snakeskin loafer-like Reebok Classic that begs to be matched with printed Moschino denim. It's fucking bold. It speaks to the type of heritage that makes sense—road-born style that isn't tied to self-important bollocks like tailoring or denim weave structure. It's built for a two pints of lager and packet of crisp lunch down the pub.

Gary Warnett and Mubi Ali, the guy's behind this footwear gem, understand that sneakers have subcultural power. They also understand that shoes live multiple lives. The Reebok CL, for example, was worn by runners and cool-guy celebs when it dropped in 1983. Later, it became the domain of chavs and criminals and a choice crepe in the Garage scene. Essentially, the shoe has a two fingers up appeal for everyone from job site brick layers to nightlife legends.

Dressing the CL in snake, Gary and Mubi celebrate the sneaker's most swagged out moments. The times it dominated music videos and cushioned big trends in dance music. The design is a reminder of when '90s fashion was about how much money you had and actually looking good was simply an afterthought: think Versace pants with an Iceberg sweater. It's more to the spirit of Shabba Ranks than A$AP Mob could ever conjure.

The Crooked Reebok CL comes out on October 19th. Buy it if you aspire to have a booze up with rudeboys and clock birds who wear hoop earrings and track pants.