Danny Brown: "I put Cross Colours on this list, but my dad, he wouldn't ever let me wear that shit. [Laughs.] My dad, he thought it was corny. He was into like wearing Polo and Pelle leathers and shit like that. So he thought the Cross Colours shit was corny, and he wouldn't buy me no Cross Colours. So I put it on my list because that was something that I really wanted to be a part of my fashion, but my pops wouldn't let me. I don't know, maybe he helped me out, maybe he didn't.

"Now I would wear Cross Colour-type shit, I wear loud colors and shit. Maybe if he let me get it out my system early [Laughs.] I probably wouldn't dress the way I do as a 31-, 32 year-old man. He definitely influenced my fashion 'cause he bought my clothes! I would say what I want, and he would say "That's wack!" [Laughs.]. He would buy me something regular like some Timberlands, you know. It wasn't like people in school would say anything about my clothes, but it was fly shit."