Danner and Tanner Goods both share Portland, Ore. roots and have collaborated on an exclusive pair of Mountain Light McKenzie boots. The boots are made right in Oregon, limited to 200 pairs, and the perfect complement to your budding mountain chic style.

The Mountain Light is made for backpacking across trails and is durable and perfect to go with all of the jogging and hiking pants and fleece jackets you've been wearing this season.

Horween leather is what gives the boots their strength, but they come in a light tan, so they look a lot more casual. Although these boots are made for dudes who get gnarly out in Oregon, you can still wear them around the city with their Vibram soles or take them on your once-in-awhile trip upstate.

You can buy these right now from Woodlands for $365. Watch the video below to get inspired to do something awesome today.