When Damien Hirst isn't creating stormtrooper helmets, writing children's books, making expensive scarves for Alexander McQueen, hanging out with Swizz Beatz, or getting a brand new studio to create animal vitrines, he's creating fetus sculptures...just kidding, but the artist who everyone loves to hate has indeed been busy.

His latest pieces in Doha, Qatar (at the Sidra Medical and Research Center), titled "The Miraculous Journey," mark his first solo show in the Middle East. Each of the 14 sculptures he's made of human fetuses reveal the stages of an egg fertilizing in the womb until a baby is born, getting larger as they progress. 

Hirst says, "Ultimately, the journey a baby goes through before birth is bigger than anything it will experience in its human life. I hope the sculpture will instill in the viewer a sense of awe and wonder at this extraordinary human process, which will soon be occurring in the Sidra Medical Center, as well as every second all across the globe."

It certainly invokes awe and wonder...maybe even some cringing, too.

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[via HUH]