Actor: Luke Wilson
Film: Alex & Emma (2003)

Why is it that writers have to write the movie that they're in? On what screenwriter workshop wall is that chiseled? No movie is more guilty or more awful in it's personification of this hackneyed movie trope than Alex & Emma. The movie actually spends its entirety trying to avoid the trope by flipping the script and in the process makes the biggest pile of trash supposedly about writing ever made. Alex must write a novel that expresses the feelings of rejected love, so he plans to write himself a new future love. In creating the characters for him to fall in love with, he finds that he's been making them more and more like his stenographer Emma, and oh isn't it nice. No, it's not nice. It's absolutely nothing like writing, or love, or reality. Also Alex borrows money for his book from the Cuban Mafia. In 2003.