Artist: Nicki Minaj

Anyone who gets her start as a Fly Girl on In Living Color is all right in our book. That's where Laurieann Gibson, one of Nicki Minaj's creative directors got her start as a dancer before moving on into the worlds of choreography and creative direction. You may recognize her face elsewhere from television, as she was one of Diddy's partners on the MTV show Making The Band. She became the lead choreographer behind Motown Records, and later Bad Boy, before going on to work as Lady Gaga's creative director. They parted ways in 2011 "due to creative differences," according to Gaga, and Gibson began working with Nicki Minaj. Notably, she led creative direction behind the performance of Minaj's "Roman Holiday," at the Grammy Awards in 2012. It was largely considered to be a controversial, if not blasphemous, performance.