In Beijing, when you're ready to go to the "next level" in your relationship, save the cash you would drop on a ring, and go out and cop matching clothing. For Chinese youth, wearing the same clothes as your significant other is new way to show you're cuffed up, The Wall Street Journal reports.

In a region where arranged marriages are a historical cultural norm, Chinese youth see this trend as a way to wrestle control over courtship from their elders. Couples want to show people that they're together, flex some of their swag in the process, and dress like identical twins--all the time.

Designers have stepped up to plate to handle this demand, with designers like Calvin Klein adopting matching clothing in its Asian markets.

"We want everyone to envy us," said one man when speaking about stepping out in public dressed identically with his girl.

We're not recommending this trend to anyone (even though there are some that carry it on regardless), but as Common said, "I ain't the type to walk around in matching shirts, if relationship is effort is effort, I will match your work." Don't even be the dude who thinks it's cool to wear matching Jordans with your girl in public, you will get shamed on sight. Instead, show her that you care, and dress appropriately for all the hurdles your relationship presents, and maybe you and your boo-thang will last past cuffing season.

[via The Wall Street Journal]