You guys need more photography in your lives that isn’t just your shitty iPhone photography, you know? You want to actually impress people with your taste, not surprise burden them with the strain of forcing a half-compliment upon you. So, buy yourself some photographs printed on archival paper and shit. Can’t afford a fancy photo? THEN—DUH—BUY A  T-SHIRT. I highly doubt any of you actually listen to jazz anymore, except for that compilation of famous jazz samples in hip-hop, but you can at least pretend you’re a fan of some jazz greats with these tees and accompanying portraits. Cool guys always have at least one jazz themed T-shirt. It’s a rule. And you want to be a cool guy, right? If it wasn't already obvious, ultimate cool guy Sean Sullivan of The Impossible Cool is the guy behind all this. Shouts to Sean for throwing some punctuation on that bitch. Your ninth grade English teacher was right. A period can really make a difference.

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