Location: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago
Date: March, 1989

A young artist named "Dread" Scott Tyler created a whirlwind of controversy with his piece, What is the proper way to display a U.S. flag? Consisting of a photomontage of Korean students burning the flag, a guestbook, and an American flag on the floor, the piece was criticized when it debuted at the Art Institute of Chicago for being disrespectful to the flag. Thousands of people protested, and the Art Institute's funding was cut dramatically the following year. President Bush even made comment on the piece, calling it disgraceful. The entire U.S. Congress denounced the artwork as well, moving to pass further legislation to protect the flag. "I am a German girl," wrote one visitor to the piece in the guestbook. "If we Germans would admire our flag as you all do, we would be called Nazis again...I think you do have too much trouble about this flag"

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