Celebrities may have money and stylists at their beck and call, but neither of these can instantly acquire a sense of style. If this isn't immediately apparent, just keep an eye out for all the horrible outfits we've seen at award shows, in music videos, and wherever else celebs pop up. Luckily for some, though, their inability to dress well hasn't really hurt their careers, or relationships with women. 

Yes, women love men who have great style. But they also appreciate guys who are funny, smart, succesful, and rich (we know because we asked them). How else could you explain Cristiano Ronaldo, the worst dressed athlete of all time, dating model Irina Shayk? How about Derek Jeter and all the women in the world? Even more beffudling: Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina JolieThe truth is, good style isn't everything, as proved by 15 Celebrities With Terrible Style Who Still Date Hot Women.

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