Cam'ron is on his grind. He's been in the news what feels like everyday since his latest mixtape, Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1, dropped, and he's not resting yet. Maybe he's not resting at all. Cam was spotted attending a meeting yesterday with VFiles in a red robe with his pajamas on. Killa recently told us how he's a huge fan of the shop, and already sells his Diplomats Nike Elite Socks at the SoHo store.

Cam is seen with VFiles founder Julie Anne Quay in his most coziest of outfits and bringing his lyrics, "Be in meetings in my pajamas, turn decimals into commas, you get like I get it, meet me in the Bahamas," to real life. 

We can only speculate what was being discussed as Cam looked like he rolled out of bed. Maybe the Dipset jerseys and T-shirts will be available through the New York-based store. Or maybe he's looking to expand into lounging and sleepwear. One thing's for sure, it's definitely Killa Season, and it's not going to end anytime soon.