This bed, designed by Marc Newson for the Domeau & Peres brand, is supposed to be a natural extension of the mattress itself, making the bedframe a functional part of the bed through webbing and padding. Newson, who slept on just a mattress thrown on the floor until 1997, says this is imagined in part to mimic that experience.

"Buying a bed is a complicated experience, not only because it requires a certain maturity. One of the hardest things to find is a nice bed,” Newson said. "Most people I know have at some point in their lives, slept on a mattress on the floor. So I thought it would be nice to design a bed that would envy people like me to replace their faithful mattress with a ‘beautiful bed.’ The semi-solid environment can be sit upon; it consists of blocks of polyurethane foam wrapped in leather held by a strap.”

Still no word on exactly how much this costs, but we’re pretty sure it’s not cheap. See more of Newson's work on his website.

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[via Design Taxi]

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