BitTorrent has taken their fight against Internet regulation to the real world with a slew of billboard messages in cities including Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. The billboards feature statements like "Your data should belong to the NSA" and "The Internet should be regulated" and others that have been altered to say what the file sharing platform and its users truly believe. In a blog post, vice president of marketing at BitTorrent, Mark Mason, explained the campaign and the company's stance on the data centralization and regulation: "this is the generation that will decide whether the Internet is a tool for control, or a platform for innovation and freedom. We have an incredible opportunity. We can shape the next one and one hundred years of human connection. A free, open Internet is a force for change, creativity; the backbone of a society where citizens are stakeholders, not data sets. BitTorrent is built to preserve that Internet."

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[via Hypebeast]