The BET Hip-Hop Awards are confusing. They’re apparently not the same thing as the BET Awards, and they also happened, like, two weeks ago, but are only airing now. Furthermore, there are roughly four awards actually handed out by my calculations. Some of these are named for corporate sponsors, like the Reese’s Perfect Combo Award for best collaboration, which I’m not even mad at because Reese’s are fucking delicious. But half of the recipients don’t even bother to show up. The BET Hip-Hop Awards are such a non-event that it was an absolutely struggle just to find images from it on the interweb. But hey, there were performances and pre-recorded cyphers and Snoop Dogg hosted, so it was better than 97% of other award shows based on that shit alone. And with an awards show focused on a genre so tuned into the fashions, obviously there were a ton of notable looks to break down. And who better than me—hip-hop expert, friend of several black people—to provide the expert analysis you so desperately seek.

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