If you haven't noticed, rap T-shirts constitute a trend that is catching serious co-signs right now. It seems like even today's biggest rappers are getting nostalgic for the album cover and promotional T-shirts from the '90s. These were copped by truly devoted fans either from the merch table at a concert or by calling a number found in an album booklet. In more recent times, you're more likely to stumble upon one of these vintage tees in a musty thrift store, or simply pray that your mom didn't throw out that moldy box of clothes you insisted on keeping.

However, several brands have devoted themselves to bringing back the rap tee, and there are also tons that you can find on hip-hop websites, artists' websites, and even in the typical mall stores. If you don't want to sift through a bottomless thrift store, here are a bunch of tees that let you recall when you first bought Wu-Tang's 36 Chambers or give you the opportunity to rep some of today's best emcees. Here are The Best Rap T-Shirts Right Now.

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