In the new show “Company of Thieves,” the Canadian-born artist Daniel Bombardier, known better as Denial, and the Australian-born Ben Frost met up in Detroit to debut new work at the Inner State Gallery. It’s a vibrant, provocative show, as the images above attest: the two artists, who have explored themes of image appropriation for years, come together for a two-man show in the gallery. Calling themselves “visual thieves” seems to be just one of theme of the show, where pop icons collide with corporate symbols, graffiti, and political figures. The two met in Canada in 2011, becoming fast friends, and have worked together on street and gallery work since. “both artists have had a long history of stealing and subverting the cultural icons that the advertising and consumerist world has thrust upon us, to create new and pertinent interpretations that are as confronting as they are humorous,” the gallery writes of the show. 

“Company of Thieves” opens on October 18 at Inner State.

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[via Juxtapoz]