If you have a crisp hundred dollar bill burning a hole in your pocket, and would like to buy four sets of shoelaces instead of a new pair of sneakers, then Been Trill and Starks have you covered.

The two have collaborated on a collection of four sets of shoe strings that read, "Fuck Off," "100," and, of course, "Been Trill." If your definition of trill means spending more than what a brand new pair of Nike Air Force Ones costs on some shoelaces, then you're about to achieve Bun B levels of trillness.

For $100, these laces do so much more than just keep your sneakers snug. They can also be used to wrap up a package, act as a laundry line, and to tie two things together. If you end up dropping .1 racks on a set of laces, just pray that no one steps on your kicks, or ketchup doesn't squirt out of the McDouble you'll be resigned to eating after you spend a hard day's work on something that stops shoes from slipping off your feet.