Yesterday, Banksy's work for his New York residency, "Better Out Than In," took on a different tone than his previous pieces. The graffiti featured an image of the Twin Towers with a flower, a tribute to 9/11 that touched the hearts of many New Yorkers. Today he shared a piece that features a Ronald McDonald sculpture having his clown shoes shined by a real person. McDonald has a very stern look on his face as he stands with his hand on his hip waiting for the dirty man to finish. 

This commentary on big corporations and the elite is definitely a sharp turn from the 9/11 tribute.

UPDATE OCT. 16 2:11 ET: The Ronald McDonald Statue has moved to the East Tremont and Arthur Avenue McDonald's, reports Gothamist. 

UPDATE OCT. 23 11:57 A.M. ET: Gothamist reports that the shoe shiner (a different person from the first man) was threatened by the NYPD with a ticket for disorderly conduct because he was blocking the sidewalk. Before the 10 COPS could take any action, however, Banksy's Sirens of the Lambs trucks hauled the statue away.

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