Banksy built up his 25th piece with an announcement on his website that today's work would not appear until 5 p.m. This left some to speculate about what could be delaying the British street artist this Friday. Then the artist pushed back his release till 6 p.m. and we were all preparing for the shitstorm that would erupt.

Finally 6 p.m. rolled around and Banksy released this creepy Halloween-themed installation for the most recent piece on his New York residency. The location is on the Bowery, and it looks like Gothamist called the location earlier today at Elizabeth and Houston Streets. There are already crowds lined up at the spot before the piece has been unveiled. Even though Banksy posted an Instagram of the work online, Gothamist reports that it is yet to be uncovered on the streets.

UPDATE 6:26: Hyperallergic points out that Banksy's work is probably based on a previous painting of his.

UPDATE 6:35 P.M.: And here it is! The Grim Reaper on a bumper car.

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