Banksy's New York residency has just started, and already the street artist is blowing up the Internet. Yesterday, he posted an image of new work in the Lower East Side on his Instagram, @banksyny. By this afternoon, it had been torn apart, subject to spot jocking, and finally buffed over. "Sign of the times..." Banksy wrote on Twitter.

But just as quickly as the image of two children stealing the spray can from a "Graffiti Is a Crime" sign was destroyed, a new work has gone up. The graffiti, which reads, "This is my New York accent" in stylized graffiti letters and "...normally I write like this" in an italicized stencil, currently resides on 25th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues according to Animal New York.

We're curious to see how long the new work lasts and what the rest of Banksy's time of New York will bring. By the end, we may all just be sick of his graffiti stunts, but for now, we agree with his most recent tweet:

New York - you're just my type

— banksy (@banksyny) October 2, 2013 

UPDATE: Just like the first mural in Chinatown, vandals have completely destroyed Banksy's second piece with tags and angry messages. Check out the second slide above to see the changes they've made. Where is the love, New York?

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[via Animal New York]