The world was denied a new Banksy piece on October 23 due to "police activity." Today the wanted artist is back with a stencil of a man holding wilted red flowers. A rejected lover, perhaps? Or a rejected artist? Hm...

The piece is located somewhere in Hell's Kitchen so happy hunting. It was double-posted to Instagram for some reason, but we assume that was a mistake. Hopefully there are no more hiccups in this residency caused by the NYPD. 

UPDATE OCT. 24 10:35 A.M. ET: The location of the piece is Larry Flynt's NY Hustler Club & Cigar Lounge at 641 West 51st Street, and Banksy posted it to his website with the words "Waiting in vain."

UPDATE OCT. 24 2:19 P.M. ET: A security guard is watching outside the Banksy piece, and will let you pose for a pic if you are polite. Also, the Hustler Club's New York Marketing Director, Steve Karel, told Gothamist: "We're honored that Banksy chose the Larry Flynt's Hustler Club New York to share his art. We respect the art and artist; while we'd love to leave the work in place, it's required we lift the gate when we open for business, so after the public has the day to enjoy it, we will remove the door to keep it safe from vandals until we determine where it can be displayed in the future—hopefully inside of the club."

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[via Instagram]